• We had our team of about 15 leaders go through the Leaders of Tomorrow ( LOT) program with Miranda and Doug. We have a mix of new and more experienced leaders, and both got a ton out of the program. Miranda and Doug do a great job of balancing foundational leadership topics and tools with more advanced concepts like whole brain thinking and situational leadership, that keeps everyone engaged. They complemented each other well as facilitators and together were able to relate to the entire team. I've gotten a lot of feedback from our managers about how much they have learned from each session and have already applied to their teams and relationships with direct reports. From the planning perspective, it was really nice that they delivered a fully prepped curriculum with all the topics we wanted to cover. I didn't have to figure out what would be best for the team, it was already done for me, with flexibility to tweak any topics that we wanted or add specifics around our values or current projects. We will absolutely be using Adaptive-Talent again in the future for our team and leader development.

    - Olga Lomov, Head of People & Culture, GCPAY
  • It was so rewarding to have Miranda as my coach over the past year. I just wish I had met her at the inception of my career over 15 years ago. The journey of self-awareness through reflective journaling coupled with a HBDI assessment and a comprehensive 360 survey was beyond powerful. Working through personal development goals while being able to use Miranda for a sounding board prepared me to handle the hardest 7 months of my career, leading through the COVID crisis.

    Beyond grateful for you Miranda!

    - John Angel, Managing Director, Delta Air Lines
  • Miranda has been a colleague and trusted advisor for over a decade. During that time, I have recommended her executive coaching services to countless friends and family. A couple of years ago, I reached a crossroads in my career and realized that I could benefit from her holistic career discovery program. Miranda is an incredibly skilled coach who has powerful tools to help you map out a plan for the next steps in your career. Exercises like non-negotiable filters and "perfect workday" mapping helped me evaluate potential opportunities for fit in a way I had never done before. I raved so much about the benefits of Adaptive Talent that my husband and sister-in-law also became clients. As a result of this program, I made the leap from Corporate America to Acedmia, and I couldn't be happier!

    - Heather Markle, Professor; Mercer University
  • Miranda has been integral in helping me define where to take my career and how to get there. I found myself eliminated from an organization after 15 years of high performance and contribution; this completely shook my confidence. Miranda’s perspective and application of her leadership coaching and training skills plus her honest caring about me as an individual are the key contributors to my ultimate success. She applied her expertise to help evaluate my strengths and talents and helped me take more control over the interview process instead of feeling like I was at each interviewers’ mercy.

    Miranda was direct and laid out what I needed to do, even if I may have not wanted to hear it. It was exactly the kick in the butt to refocus and accomplish my goals that I needed.

    I highly recommend Miranda for personal career development and leadership coaching. She is energetic, empathetic, trustworthy and has the expertise needed to help you succeed. I am so fortunate to have her in my corner, she is a confidant who will always have my back.

    - Keely Funkhouser, VP of Product, Randall-Reilly