Doug Troy

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As an Executive Coach and Consultant, I am focused on client satisfaction through outstanding service. With 25+ years working at companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 Global companies. I have experience in leadership and management at all levels. I have proven success in planning, developing, and implementing strategies designed for positive business outcomes.

HR Analytics including Compensation and Equity Analytics

The ability to effectively and efficiently manage your people to meet both their needs and the needs of the organization is crucial in today’s job market. I have conducted compensation analysis and market-based pay studies for all types of companies from non-profits and city governments to IT firms, and Healthcare. Getting it right the first time matters and having someone experienced to guide you is imperative.

Equity Analytics can likewise seem confusing and be stress inducing for any organization, I take a simple and straight forward mathematical approach. My goal is to reframe the discussion using facts and not feelings. What’s left is clear actionable insights that you can implement to ensure everyone is being treated fairly.

Workforce Planning & Human Capital Management

I have managed groups from 10 to over 300 and executed workforce plans for populations of up to 20,000. The skills and modeling needed to create effective and scalable plans are rooted in deep understating of the workforce itself and the pragmatic translation of that knowledge into accurate forecasts.

Continuous Improvement

I view every operation and engagement as part of a larger holistic system. While execution needs to be narrowly focused, design and architecture of solutions needs to have broader impact assessments and a mindfulness that avoids unintended consequences. Over the course of my career I have identified over $135M in annually recurring cost savings for client and personally implemented over $85M of those savings.